As a child you possess the ability to think magically. You learn to control that as you grow older, but with me that was not the case... Reality and fiction tend to mix in certain situations. I Am Quite Normal is a series of self portraits in the form of sequences/movies. The stories are personal, the themes universal. My insecurities or anxieties can be yours as well...
For example the pink movie with the limbs (Body Parts):
When I was young I was really hurt by what people said about my really super ultra thin body (born that way...). It caused unbearable insecureness. I despised my own limbs. I thought they were ugly. My limbs made me cry. Now, at age 45, I see those limbs and I am proud of them. I can smile at my thin arms, my long legs and my firm small breasts. These are my Body Parts, they have their own show now!

The installation 'I am quite normal' was presented during the REVEAL exposition of the FotoAcademie,  26-29 May 2017 at Loods 6 in Amsterdam.
With my sequence Body Parts I was chosen by a jury as a finalist in the contest 'Women Seen By Women' by The Gala Awards.

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